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Interview, the most common component of the hiring process, continues to be a source of inconsistency, inefficiency, and unreliable data. 

Combining the power of video interviews with the best ethical AI technologies, Interview Insights provides continuous feedback to the interviewer, improving their skills, while delivering insights to the organization for interventions that can exponentially improve interviewing results. 

Key Capabilities and Outcomes 

Key Capabilities:  

  • Monitoring for regulatory compliance to diversity and inclusion standards  

  • Determining if the questions being asked are relevant to the role and monitoring topic coverage

  • Monitoring for unconscious biases in conversations

  • Comparisons of interviewer performance to others in the organization and industry

  • Provide interview summaries and detailed transcriptions with full search capabilities


Key Outcomes:

  • Assess interviewer conformance with scientifically proven interview best practices

  • Measure the interview for adequacy in making an objective decision

  • Achieve Diversity & Inclusion goals

  • Continuous interviewer feedback to improve their interviewing techniques

Specific, descriptive, explainable, and prescriptive insights make Talview Interview Insights an indispensable addition to ensure a valid talent measurement process.


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