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[On-Demand Video] Fireside Chat with Sarah McPherson of Best Buy

Sarah McPherson, Senior D&T Product Manager – Hiring and Onboarding, Best Buy, discusses recruitment automation, and the future of remote work. 

Sarah McP

Imagine screening as many as 25,000 job applicants in one day! That’s exactly what Best Buy encounters during the height of their hiring season for the holidays. 1,000 new hires a day with 35,000 in October 2020 alone.

For Best Buy, the key business challenge is how to hire the best-matched candidates faster.

HR technology leader Sarah McPherson shares her thoughts on how Best Buy is reimagining, humanizing, and democratizing their hiring processes, including:

  • Why Best Buy chose Talview  
  • The vision and primary use case for high volume hourly hiring of 35k employees 
  • The role of asynchronous video to represent the Best Buy brand 
  • The store leader role and human interaction 
  • Hiring a global workforce in a post pandemic and opportunity 

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