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The best Talent Acquisition technologies have one thing in common. They put people first. That's why our remote hiring platform provides a fast, friendly, and cost-effective solution to help you: 

  • Automatically screen large amounts of candidates
  • Shortlist the most qualified applicants
  • Collaborate during candidate evaluations and selections  
  • Hire the most talent people, even for high-volume and high-demand positions 

In this on-demand webinar, you'll have the chance to see the award-winning chatbot, video interviewing, and pre-hire assessment technology that combines the right people, processes, and technology to help you hire and retain talented people, diversify your teams, and get people with the right skills on your teams to maximize employee satisfaction and team productivity. 

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Our Speaker

Harjoth Singh

Sr. Customer Success Manager, Talview

Harjoth (Harry for short!) is a Customer Success Manager at Talview and has experience working with customers to transform their hiring process for the better. Harry's strong critical thinking and problem solving skills combined with industry experience allows him to be a technology consultant and partner to customers all over the world.