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As recently as June 2021, many sources were stating that economic recovery had arrived. In fact, the pendulum had swung away from the downturn side of the economy so hard and so fast that many companies found themselves in a state of panic as they scrambled to fill open positions with their teams. There were too many jobs and not enough candidates. The returns on investments made on recruitment marketing were dwindling to a trickle, and there were no clear solutions in sight. 

The Delta variant has changed that narrative. More infectious and faster spreading, this strain of the coronavirus has introduced a cloud of uncertainty to the balance of 2021. As the debates around masks, vaccine requirements, and hybrid work arrangements rage on, another topic has entered the chat: how does the recent surge in COVID-19 cases impact our industry’s outlook for the rest of the year and beyond? 

This webinar covered the latest trends and analysis in the labor market, including: 

  • Updated job recovery projections by industry and location 
  • The facts behind record-level job openings and employee resignations 
  • Talent shortage navigation strategies 


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Our Speaker


Jay Denton

LaborIQ® by ThinkWhySenior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Chief Innovation Officer 

Denton serves as senior vice president of business intelligence and chief innovation officer for the organization. In addition to leading the company's business intelligence unit and product innovations, Denton's focus is on sustaining a culture of thought leadership.  His expertise in market analytics and media engagement are a cornerstone for the organization. 

Denton brings more than 15 years of leadership experience in SaaS organizations, including the role of senior vice president of analytics where his responsibilities included product creation, client consulting and predictive analytics.  

Denton earned a dual BBA degree in Management Information Systems and General Business at Texas Tech's Rawls College of Business.