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What is Montage Talent?
Montage Talent(montage, montage video, montage video interview, on demand interview) is one of thevideo interviews providers. They are primarily active in the United States and focuses on async and live video interviewing.
What is Talview?
Talview is one of the largest players in the video interviewing (digital interviews) and online assessments space. It is the pioneer in the use of cognitive analytics in video interviewing and its clientele includes many of the Fortune 500 organisations.
Please see below a comparison of Monntage Talent with Talview.

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Talview Provides a Pre- 
Automated Customized 
Multi Section Workflow

Our clients say predefining assessment workflows reduces the time they spend in screening and selection of candidates by up to 50%

-Recruiters can predefine the order in which candidate appear for different sections with qualification criteria

-Talview offers automation in sending reminders and notifications that increases recruiters productivity

-Talview provides unique candidate profile across requisitions and helps re-use of profiles for new opportunities

 Comprehensive Suite

• Asynchronous Interview
• Aptitude & Technical Test
• Simulations
• Code Test
• Behavioral Insights
• Grammar & Typing Test
• Live Interview

Video Proctoring
Talview's best in class Video Proctoring capability with
advanced video analytics ensures the authenticity of results

Every aspect of an assessment from registration forms, answer time, assessment window, evaluation forms and deadlines can be configured

Talview Advanced Capabilities

Behavioural Insights with 60+ Job Role Reports


Branding of end to end platform
including the Mobile App


Enterprise ready; Integration with all
leading Applicant Tracking Systems

Our robust platform’s unique features like capabilities of running on low speed internet, legacy browser (IE8) support, 24x7 candidate & recruiter support over call and email catalyzes the 360° overview we’d like to provide to our clients. This triggers our clients to return to us and refer us to other departments in their company.


Montage Talent Offers Live And Automated Interviews

Basic Functionality

No Multi-Section Workflows

Manual pushing of candidates across assessment sections


Limited Options


Montage Talent supports only limited
assessments types such as video
interviews and live interviews


No Proctoring



Montage Talent's inability to provide this
option only makes automated hiring
an inefficient task.

Montage Talent Advanced Capabilities

Limited analysis available 


Clients Denied of True Candidate
Engagement Capabilities


Enterprise Ready; Integration with all Applicant
Tracking Systems

Many multinational companies, start-ups, and other emerging businesses operate in geographies with low bandwidth internet. Montage Talent web and mobile application is mostly used in United States and is not tested in constraint infrastructure environment of emerging economies.



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