How Mu Sigma Hires From the Top US Universities with a 2-Member Recruitment Team

Mu Sigma Transformed its Campus Recruitment Strategy
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Graduate Hiring at Mu Sigma Gets an Upgrade

Mu Sigma was looking to hire graduates from over 50 universities across the United States. They were looking to evaluate close to 5000 candidates for the role.

Travelling to multiple campuses meant excessive logistics cost for every open position.
Mu Sigma’s recruitment team was looking for a scalable solution to all these challenges. 

"Using Talview for campus recruitment has definitely helped us simplify our process, save time & ensure good candidate experience."
- Kusuma G, Apprentice Leader

2-member team processed over 3,800 candidates
Hired 76 candidates in less than 3 months
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Holistic evaluation of various aspects of candidates

About the Client


Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma is a category-defining decision sciences and big data analytics company, helping enterprises systematize better data-driven decision making. Mu Sigma is headquartered in Chicago, USA with its main delivery centre in Bengaluru, India.