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Interviewing is a blind spot in the Hiring Process.

How do you accurately predict candidate work performance if you can’t measure and ensure the quality of the interview process and the interviewer at scale? 

Organizations define candidate measurement and experience protocols in hiring, but struggle to identify an effective interview framework, an essential component of recruiting and talent acquisition. This lack of standardization in the interview process can dramatically decrease the fairness, clarity, and confidence in talent decisions. 

Recorded at the HR Technology Conference & Expo and now available on demand for your convenience. 

Presented by: 

  • Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview 

  • Sarah McPherson, SPHR CSPO, Best Buy 

  • Vikas Baghel, HCL  

By analyzing interview conversations and using AI-based cognitive services to assess the candidate’s performance AND the interviewers’ conformance to organizational policies, Talview’s new solution, Interview Insights, brings specific and explainable insights to the interview process. 

Maximize the effectiveness of the Interview Process with Talview Interview Insights.

Part of the Talview Talent Measurement Platform.

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