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Knowing who to hire has been a dilemma plaguing decision makers since time immemorial. While pre-hire assessments should be job-related (valid) and fair (unbiased), how can HR and TA leaders operationalize job analysis and assessments to determine and measure the skills, abilities, and traits necessary for on-the-job success? 

During this webinar, Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist at Talview; David Nason, Co-Founder at HireBrain; and Dr. Josh Allen, Director of Global Selection and Assessment Strategy, Walmart, discussed best practices concerning assessments.  

Important areas of the discussion included: 

  • Conducting job analysis for target roles 
  • Ensuring test validity in relation to the EEOC, especially in the areas of content, construct, and criterion-related validity evidence 
  • Operationalizing test fairness and mitigating adverse impact by analyzing passing rates of protected classes  

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Our Speakers

Dr. Fred Rafilson

Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview

Dr. Josh Allen

Director of Global Selection and Assessment Strategy, Walmart

David Nason

Co-Founder at HireBrain

Scott Wintrip

Global Speaker, Best Selling Author