Psycholinguistics : The Future of Behavioral Competency Matching


Behavioral Competency Matching

The webinar explains the need for behavior competency matching in hiring and how to do it without employing fakeable, mainstream MCQ tests.


1. It eliminates the need for the candidate to take an additional behavioral assessment & saves the logistics associated with it.

2. The engine analyses the subtext of their video or written response to the interview questions which reduces the risk of fake tests by candidates.

3. The engine calibrates the report to suit the requirement of client organization. This helps to understand whether the candidate’s behavioral profile matches the organization’s cultural DNA.

4. It analyzes candidate’s natural responses in spoken language to build a behavioral profile of the candidate which is a more accurate representation of candidate’s behavior.


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Rajeev Menon
Talent Measurement Specialist


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Sanjoe Tom Jose 
CEO & C0-Founder, Talview


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