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Webinar _ Are Your Exams Ready for the new normal -Remote Online Learning_

Universities all over the world are working overtime responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, throwing academic schedules and exams into a tailspin. While classroom learning has seen a relatively quick transition to online learning, given there were already complementary online learning systems in place, the move to remote online exams has not been as smooth.

Online proctoring is the best option to maintain test integrity and prevent cheating as more exams go online. Remotely proctored exams also have an inherent advantage of scale and scheduling flexibility along with reduced logistical issues for test-takers. Given these advantages, what are the critical considerations a school should take before transitioning to remote proctoring campus-wide? And once a direction is taken, how does one choose the path to make the transition smooth?

Watch this webinar where industry experts Brendan Bellefeuille and Rajeev Menon discuss how universities can leverage online exams and remote proctoring technology.

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Our Speakers

Rajeev Menon

Chief Business Officer at Talview

An accomplished Leader and a customer-focused Product Innovation specialist with over 20 years of wide exposure in sales across Enterprise & HR, Education, Industrial, and FMCG segments, Rajeev Menon has strong expertise in Talent Evaluations, Product Creation and Operations. A thought leader in Talent Assessment, he has delivered talks in this area and contributed articles to newspapers and trade journals. He is presently heading Global Corporate Sales and Product Management & Innovation at Talview.

Brendan Bellefeuille

Remote Proctoring Industry Expert

An ardent supporter of AI & Machine Learning, Brendan is a leader in online proctoring. He was one of the earliest employees of Software Secure and spent 8 years building the business as the Director of Inside Sales and Channel Partnerships before being acquired by PSI. At PSI he served as the VP of Sales for the Academic division. With over 14 years of experience in sales and business development functions, he has worked for firms like Algorithmia, Mighty AI, and Acronis Software.