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Should you hire great people, or build amazing teams?

According to McKinsey, 82% of Fortune 500 executives don't believe their organizations recruit highly talented people. 

But what if we're looking at recruiting, hiring, and talent all wrong? 

What if instead of hiring the best people, we really need to hire the best teams? 

During this hour-long Q&A with Talent Acquisition expert, Keirsten Greggs, we'll walk you through what that means and how organizations can make the shift to focus on not just hiring the right people, but hiring the right teams.

In this on-demand webinar, we explore:

  • Whether it's better to hire the best individuals or the best teams? 
  • What makes up the "best" teams?
  • Do you focus on skills, capabilities, or cultural and behavioral fit?
  • How to find people with both the right skills and team value add?
  • What the benefits are of a team approach?
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Our Speakers

Keirsten Greggs

Founder & CEO of TRAP Recruiter

Keirsten Greggs is the Founder and CEO of TRAP Recruiter, LLC, a Recruiting Consulting and Career Coaching firm. With over 20 years of experience in Talent Acquisition, she's passionate about helping organizations attract, select and retain the best people, including underrepresented candidates, as well as helping job seekers find their voice in the hiring process. She does this through consulting, facilitating workshops, hosting training sessions and webinars, coaching job seekers and more. She has been featured as an expert in ERE, BBC World Service Radio, and SiriusXM Urban View.
Find her on Twitter at @TrapRecruiter and on www.TrapRecruiter.com.
Micole Garatti

Marketing Manager at Talview

Micole Garatti is the Marketing Manager at Talview, Author of “The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List,” and Host of the #HRforAll Twitter chat. She is passionate about improving HR and talent acquisition through diversifying voices of influence within the profession and technology. She’s been featured in ERE, DriveThruHR, Workology, Carnival of HR, #HRSocialHour, and the SHRM blog.


Find her on Twitter at @socialmicole or at www.socialmicole.com