Talent Acquisition in the Era the of Gig Economy

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Millennials are continuing to take the workforce by storm, and are predicted to take over 75 % of the workforce by 2025. With this shift in the workforce in place, the only way for employers to keep up with the dynamic pace of the industry is to have a detailed understanding of the perspectives, strategies, and tools in order to excel at hiring millennials.

This webinar will help you understand what a gig economy is, the limitations of hiring in the gig economy and how you can efficiently hire quality talent in the shortest time.

Why you should attend the webinar:

  • With the world moving rapidly towards a gig economy, this webinar shows you how you can transition smoothly to adapt to the new order of things.

  • This webinar will be examining the likely challenges in recruitment to discussing the tools and tactics you can use to arm your recruitment strategy for the workforce of the future.

  • At the end of the session, the attendees will be familiarised with the persona of a gig worker- which can essentially help them perceive the personality of millennials and how they can zero in on the perfect candidate.


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