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Perspectives, tools, and strategies that will help you excel at hiring in the gig economy

One of the driving forces of today’s workforce is the shift to a gig economy.

By 2025, Millennials will make up a majority of the workforce worldwide, and organizations are already feeling the need to adapt work to complement the new generation. With a whopping 92% of Millennials preferring to work remotely, it is no surprise that the future of work has high stakes in the gig economy.  

So, what does this seismic demographic shift mean for recruiters?

In this webinar, Rajeev delves into the changes that recruiters need to embrace to excel at hiring the gig workforce. From understanding the Millennial and examining the likely challenges in recruitment to discussing the tools and tactics you can use to arm your recruitment strategy for the workforce of the future, this webinar will help you get a holistic view of everything there is to know about hiring the gig worker.

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rajeev menon
chief product officer
Talview inc