Cognitive Analytics For The Perfect Hire In The Shortest Time


Top Problems Of A Recruiter!



Sanjoe Tom Jose
CEO & Co-founder

Gaurav Vasu 
Functional HR Analytics Lead, HCL


 It's almost impossible to find out if the candidates will actually perform in your workplace! 

Judging which candidate is genuinely a talent and who's a phony!

Explaining to the hiring manager that skill is not all, you need to find a candidate that fits your company's culture too. 

Let's Start

Is Cognitive Analytics really the answer?

To ensure finding the right talent, onboarding top talent, and replicating success across the organization at a large scale; leading companies are increasingly adopting Cognitive Analytics to analyze candidate personality and cultural fit. 

What you will learn in the webinar:

Reinforce hiring managers' intuition with data driven analytics based on Big Five and Values and Needs Model 
Guide line managers
to focus on soft-skills judgment and in objective evaluation 
Provide a comprehensive comparison tool using multiple aspects for decision making

How to make it happen?

Attend the webinar on April 19, 2016. See how you can use cognitive analytics in your recruitment process to hire quality candidates in substantially less time.