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Talview has partnered with Microsoft to increase collaboration in the hiring process and provide a single location for hiring teams. With our game changing Microsoft Teams integration, we provide our customers with powerful real-time collaboration capabilities to enable every member of the hiring team to streamline their communication and speed the time to hire, including:

  • Enable recruiters, hiring managers, and interview panel members the ability to schedule and reschedule interviews
  • Access candidate information and details within Teams with just the click of a button
  • Receive interview guidance, and provide interview feedback directly within a Teams meeting interface
  • Send and collect candidate interview feedback directly in Teams
  • Enhance hiring team collaboration via chat to discuss a candidate before, during, and after an interview
  • Schedule and reschedule interviews from within Teams

For those Talview customers who use Teams, install Talview Interviews from the Teams Apps store - Talview Interviews.

Read about our latest Interview Intelligence enhancement on Microsoft Teams.

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