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[Virtual] Tech Certification Workshop

Silicon Valley Chapter

calendar (1) April 12, 2023

location-pin 9 AM PT, Online


Workshop Hosted by:

Sundar Nagarathnam Linkedin

Training & Certification Leader

Building and Sustaining Exceptional Certifications Programs

Organizations recognize the importance of adapting to constantly evolving technology by implementing a certification program. To assist in this endeavour, Talview's Tech Certification Playbook offers guidance from experienced education leader Sundar Nagarathnam, who has a long history of exceptional success at innovative tech companies in building and scaling certification programs.

Sundar will be running workshops to bring the playbook to life with hands-on training and practical application of the concepts outlined in the playbook and help you build your certification programs effectively.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn how to scale your certification program successfully

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About Sundar Nagarathnam  linkedin

Sundar Nagarathnam is a proven leader and innovative pioneer in sales, product, and technical education and certification programs with organizations including Oracle, Salesforce, NetApp, and VMware. To address the ever-accelerating pace of technological change, Sundar has focused on the need to improve the methodologies for the global skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling of employees, partners, customers, and students in academia.

With a history of demonstrated success in leadership roles in Training and Product Management, as well as Operations & Professional Services, Sundar has been instrumental in building, turning around, and transforming training and enablement programs in small, medium, and large organizations.