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Tech Certification



Series Hosted by:

Sundar Nagarathnam Linkedin

Training & Certification Leader

Building and Sustaining Exceptional Certification Programs

To keep up with the ever-evolving technology in the certifications space, we've launched The Tech Certification Playbook to offer guidance from experienced education leader Sundar Nagarathnam, who has a history of success at innovative tech companies.

To further support organizations in their certification endeavors, we are excited to launch a podcast series featuring Sundar and industry guests. Together, we will dive deeper into the essential tools and knowledge necessary for creating and managing successful certification programs.

Join us on this exciting journey and gain the expertise needed to build a successful and sustainable certification program in today's ever-evolving technological landscape. Register for our podcast series today!

Episode 3

Marketing your Certifications: Branding, Awareness, Multiplier Effect

June 15, 2023

To nurture and sustain a successful certification program, you have to build awareness and establish a brand. In this session, we will cover marketing and communication strategies, creating a multiplier effect through community and social media, and how to create internal awareness across different functions within the company

Episode 4

Candidate Relationship Management


Your relationship with your certification candidates is definitely not a transactional one. Let’s focus on managing the relationship with certification candidates throughout the lifecycle of the certification program in this session. We will cover engagement from early awareness to post-exam, providing adequate support and rewards, and creating a positive experience for the certification community.

Key takeaways include

  • User Experience Considerations
  • Candidate Journey Management
Episode 5

Delivering Certifications


Let’s explore the considerations and options for delivering certification exams, such as low stakes or high stakes options, proctoring options, and selecting a delivery vendor. We will also discuss the importance of ensuring security, privacy, reliability, and availability in the certification delivery process.

Key takeaways include

  • Exam Proctoring Options
  • Automated vs. Live Remote Proctoring Exam & Data Security
  • Availability & Accessibility
  • Choosing the Right Delivery Platform Partner
  • Privacy
Episode 6

Operational Best Practices


We will cover best practices for effectively operationalizing a technical certification program in this session. Topics will include supporting candidates through self-service, chatbots, and back-office support, maintaining and updating exams, and recertification approaches. We will also discuss the importance of educating, engaging, and requiring participation from other organizations within your company to streamline processes and ensure compliance.

Key takeaways include

  • Fulfillment
  • Support
  • Exam Maintenance & Refresh
  • Exam Retake Policies
  • Managing Expirations
  • Reporting & Analytics
Episode 7

Best Practices & Forward Looking


Congratulations, you have successfully created your own technical certification program. But what are some best practices in developing and managing certification programs? Where do some of the newer technologies come in? What are some possibilities with blockchain and metaverse? 

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About Sundar Nagarathnam  linkedin

Sundar Nagarathnam is a proven leader and innovative pioneer in sales, product, and technical education and certification programs with organizations including Oracle, Salesforce, NetApp, and VMware. To address the ever-accelerating pace of technological change, Sundar has focused on the need to improve the methodologies for the global skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling of employees, partners, customers, and students in academia.

With a history of demonstrated success in leadership roles in Training and Product Management, as well as Operations & Professional Services, Sundar has been instrumental in building, turning around, and transforming training and enablement programs in small, medium, and large organizations.