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Like the feeling of receiving a speedy Amazon delivery, we all love instant gratification. The best candidates want amazing consumer-like hiring experiences too. But what defines “amazing,” and are candidate experience and recruiter efficiency mutually exclusive? As you drive processes, preferences, and results for one, does the other automatically suffer?

Join Meghan Biro, Founder of TalentCulture, Sanjoe Jose, CEO and Co-founder of Talview, and Chad Fife, VP of Marketing of Talview, for a discussion on how great organizations should plan to optimize the candidate and recruiter experience is recruitment.

Watch this webinar and walk away with actionable insight on:

  • What’s driving candidate ratings today at top organizations?
  • What HR can learn from higher ed and team sports about creating experiences
  • How collaboration and AI video technologies are changing recruiting
  • How technology can support the future roles of HR
  • Why speed is the connection point for candidate & recruiter satisfaction

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Our Speakers

Meghan Biro

Founder, TalentCulture

Sanjoe Jose

CEO and Co-founder, Talview

Chad Fife

VP - Marketing, Talview