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A Fortune 100 Technology Multinational Company Increases its Top of the Funnel by 40% with Talview End-to-End Hiring and Proctoring Solution

About the Client

A Fortune 100 Technology Multinational Company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. They are considered one of the Big Four technology companies with a revenue of US $280,552 Billion (2019). They believe that diverse and inclusive teams positively impact their products and services, and hence, work to identify the best possible talent from all backgrounds.


Use Case

The past few years saw the organization hiring executives by putting them through a rigorous interview process that measured their communication skills. However, since the company's platform assessed just the candidates' speaking abilities, the candidates were required to attend additional interviews in person before being hired. This resulted in increased hiring costs, effort, logistic hassles, and a lower screen-to-hire ratio.

The multinational company was on the lookout for a remote proctoring solution that could

  1. Easily integrate with any third-party assessment platform,

  2. Remotely proctor the test to ensure security, and

  3. Optimize costs and increase efficiency through remote assessments.

Talview’s suite of remote proctoring solutions was a natural fit.


Business Benefits Achieved

  • An increase in the talent pool by 40% due to the remotely administered end-to-end interview

  • A decrease in the overall cost of hire due to reduced logistical efforts

  • Business continuity maintained by integrating with Salesforce and moving the entire process remote within a week

  • Optimized recruiter bandwidth by eliminating manual tasks completely


Talview’s Cognitive Assessments and Remote Proctoring Solution

The organization now has a 100% secure remote recruitment process that screens candidates on their cognitive ability and remotely proctors the test without compromising the test integrity. Talview helped the organization to:

  • Leverage AI-enabled, remote proctoring solution to ensure a secure test environment

  • Provide the team flexibility to evaluate the candidates anytime, anywhere on any device with quick feedback and rating system

  • Scale up the recruitment process while maintaining evaluation consistency and test integrity

  • Maintain interview flexibility by making assessments available on multiple devices, including mobiles, laptops, and desktops

  • Use Talview’s huge repository of cognitive assessment questionnaires and maintain test validity

Quick View

Name: Fortune 100 Technology Multinational Company

Industry: Retail

Location: USA

Solution(s) Used: Talview Assessments, Talview Proview Remote Proctoring

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Case Study Summary


  • Scale the recruitment process on-demand

  • Lower interview to conversion rate

  • Decrease the manual effort required to maintain a secure and seamless end-to-end hiring process

  • Maintain business continuity in times of COVID


  • An objective test to effectively screen candidates at the top of the funnel

  • A remote proctoring solution that is easy to integrate with any third-party assessment platform and job cart

  • Advanced pre-assessment security checks with face authentication and 360° environment check

  • AI-enabled automation to reduce manual efforts and maintain business continuity


  • Easy integration that brings Talview’s advanced proctoring features into any third-party test engine

  • 100% automated remote proctoring solution that is less intrusive and more convenient for test-takers

  • Easy to scale solution based on the needs at any time

  • Resonate with digitally native Gen Z students through intuitive UI, great candidate experience, and employer branding

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