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Studies show that as many as 83% of in-person hiring have either been canceled, postponed, or moved to virtual formats. The campus recruitment teams that play a significant role in hiring the best talent and maintaining business continuity need to drum up attention and find ways to engage and attract the best talent, without meeting in-person.
But designing this roadmap to the new normal is no cake-walk!

Watch this webinar where industry experts Vikas Dua and Rajeev Menon discuss virtual campus strategies, best practices, relevant assessments, way forward and more. The webinar covers the below topics in detail:

  • New-age relevant assessments for today's workforce
  • Candidate engagement and pre-evaluation in the virtual landscape
  • Maintaining process integrity
  • Standing out as a brand to digitally native Gen Z students
  • Virtual offer and on-boarding
  • Hiring Should Not Be A Blackbox- Compliance & Audit

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Our Speakers

Rajeev Menon

Chief Business Officer at Talview

An accomplished Leader and a customer-focused Product Innovation specialist with over 20 years of wide exposure in sales across Enterprise & HR, Education, Industrial, and FMCG segments, Rajeev Menon has strong expertise in Talent Evaluations, Product Creation and Operations. A thought leader in Talent Assessment, he has delivered talks in this area and contributed articles to newspapers and trade journals. He is presently heading Global Corporate Sales and Product Management & Innovation at Talview.

Vikas Dua

Chief HR Mentor at Attayn

Vikas Dua is a consummate HR professional with a specialization in Talent Acquisition. With an experience of over 18 years, he has worked with both, start-ups and with larger, diversified organizations driving large scale hiring in the APAC region.Personally interested in the inter-locking of HR and technology, he is an active contributer for HR seminars, campus network, social media and more. He is an avid vlogger on HR practices, sharing his learnings under his self-designed ‘HR in my HeaRt’ brand umbrella. He is also an accomplished speaker having delivered TEDx and keynote speeches.