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AAAE Webinar

The evolution of digital learning has become imperative for professionals, particularly within the aviation sector, where certification and skill development are essential. This transformation towards digital platforms for professional certification underscores the industry's commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements.

Our webinar on 'Adapting Professional Development to the Digital Age' will help you in understand why AAAE chose to take their certifications digital. Gain valuable insights from Amy Calliari, Vice President, Professional Development, AAAE and Purushotham Reddy,  Customer Success Manager, Talview, as they discuss the need to take your certifications online and how to over come the challenges that come with it.

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Our Speakers

Amy Calliari

Vice President, Professional Development, AAAE

Amy joined the AAAE Membership and Accreditation Department in 2010 after leaving the health and fitness industry. In 2017 she transitioned out of the Membership Department to focus on AAAE’s esteemed Accreditation and Certification programs, where she enjoys helping candidates achieve their professional development goals and bringing enhancements to AAAE’s diverse educational offerings.

Purushotham Reddy

Customer Success Manager,

A technology enthusiast with a track record of working successfully with startups that leverage technologies to make a global impact. He specializes in building and managing relationships with customers, prospective clients, and partners by understanding core needs and providing value.