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Insights on Enterprise Hiring: Survey Results Review 

The global pandemic has redefined operational models and talent markets. The strategic importance of talent acquisition is higher than ever. Most enterprise organizations are armed with tools that provide only a limited view into critical data, leading to inefficiencies in the hiring process. This is putting increased pressure on talent acquisition leaders to rethink their attraction, recruiting, and screening strategies. 

Talview commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the state of talent acquisition processes at large US companies. By surveying 150 senior leaders responsible for TA technology, we sought to understand the role modernized hiring tools can have on an organization’s ability to meet TA priorities efficiently and effectively.

Some of the Findings  

  • Within the next year, 80% of decision makers are focused on improving the quality and speed of hires, as well as confidence in their talent decisions.   
  • As the stakes for talent decisions rise, so does reliance on hiring tools. Leaders need a holistic understanding of candidates.   
  • To improve processes and experiences, hiring leaders desire intelligent, inclusive, and integrated tools – including AI-enabled features capable of reducing manual work and hiring biases.  

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Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Forrester, Insights on Enterprise Hiring: Survey Results Review, to learn more about our findings.  

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Our Speakers

Betsy Summers

Betsy Summers

Principal Analyst, Forrester 

Featured Guest Speaker

Betsy Summers is a principal analyst on the Future of Work team, specializing in human capital management (HCM). With a wide range of HCM experience including research, strategy, design, and delivery, Betsy has been both a practitioner and a strategic partner to heads of HR, talent, and learning. At Forrester, she helps leaders in employee experience, talent management, HR, and IT connect talent strategy to business outcomes and ultimately to vendor and technology selection. Her marketing and strategy roles at provider organizations have given Betsy a perspective that allows her to help clients get value from their technology investments. 

Prior to Forrester, Betsy ran Compete & Strategy for Cornerstone OnDemand, which included deep customer experience surveys and interviews, close monitoring of the HCM vendor landscape, and making recommendations across the company to improve differentiation. Her work experience also includes research, professional services, and consulting, all aligned to talent management and broader HCM strategy. She has worked with global talent leaders and practitioners from startups to the world’s largest companies. With cross-functional expertise across marketing, product and service strategy, design thinking, coaching, and talent, Betsy helps people leaders create successful strategies that align to culture, values, and organizational outcomes. 

Betsy holds a BA in American studies from Barnard College of Columbia University.

Sanjoe Tom Jose

Sanjoe Tom Jose

CEO, Talview

Sanjoe Tom Jose is a prominent thought leader in the HR Tech space, and the founder and CEO of Talview. He is passionate about building technologies that help people realize their full potential. Some of his innovations include AI-powered behavioral Insights, interviewer intelligence, and the world’s first cognitive proctoring platform. He is an author and well-known keynote speaker in the areas of AI, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. A monthly contributor to Forbes, he has spoken at various international forums and is featured in leading podcasts, blogs, and magazines.

Cece Lee

Cece Lee

VP - Marketing, Talview

Cece Lee is an experienced marketing leader and strategist, specializing in shaping marketing strategy, positioning, and messaging. Cece has hired, managed, and mentored multiple high-performing marketing teams. Today, she is responsible for all aspects of Talview's GTM Marketing organization to drive demand for the company's AI-powered hiring and proctoring solutions across three geographies - US, UK, and India.