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ERE Webinar March 11

Eliminating uncertainty from the hiring process has been a top priority for organizations since time immemorial. A perennial tactic for accomplishing this has been pre-hire assessments.  

With the increase of AI in hiring and pre-hire assessments, how can talent acquisition professionals ensure that pre-hire assessments are job-related (valid) and fair (unbiased)?  

The webinar explores how HR and TA leaders can effectively and fairly execute job analysis and assessments, to evaluate and measure the skills, abilities, and traits required for on-the-job success.  

The panelists discuss: 

  • Administering evaluations for target roles 
  • Understanding the role of AI in assessments and hiring 
  • Establishing test validity in relation to the EEOC, especially in the areas of content, construct, and criterion-related validity evidence 
  • Ensuring test fairness and mitigating adverse impacts  


  • Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview 
  • Dr. Josh Allen, Walmart, Director of Global Selection and Assessment Strategy 
  • Josh Cotton, Ph.D., Honeywell, Director of Talent Assessments 

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