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As the disruptive nature of the talent market continues, more recruiting teams are struggling to meet hiring goals. Although some organizations are laying off, numerous companies are scrambling to find the right talent for their open positions.  

Hiring decisions are becoming more complicated and more consequential than ever before, which means the best teams are implementing ways to tighten their strategies and bring more predictability to their hiring processes.  

One area that is often ripe for improvement is candidate interviews. The more hiring managers understand about how to conduct an interview and get the most important information from candidates, the more their quality of hires will improve.

Key Discussion Points Include: 

  • Effectively developing rapport with candidates 
  • Positioning the company as a best place to work and communicating the employee value proposition (EVP) 
  • Defining what success in a role looks like and sharing this information with candidates  
  • Uncovering job-related information from candidates through relevant interview questions  
  • Following a best-practice framework for conducting interviews 

Presented by: 

  • Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview 
  • Joshua Lange, Leadership Talent Acquisition, Cohesity 
  • Justin Hess, Director, Talent Assessment, Capital One

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