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Talent Demand

Even prior to the pandemic, companies across technology and BFSI industries struggled to access the talent they needed. Now, in the context of remote work, accelerated digital transformation, and ‘The Great Resignation,’ it’s become even harder for these businesses to find skilled workers. Advent of “The Great Resignation” has compounded an already altered landscape that is still dealing with the fallout of COVID-19, with companies across technology & BFSI bearing the brunt. 

The current state of affairs requires a dramatic shift in how many of these companies look at acquiring talent. The paradigm shift in the employer-employee equation requires a drastic pivot on how organizations look at sourcing, assessing, and acquiring talent.  

This involves: 

  • Talent Lifecycle Digitization: Taking the whole lifecycle online, from college admissions to online career learning tracks 
  • Managing the Talent Supply Chain: Sourcing talent by looking internally, hiring quality talent from outside when needed, deriving crucial insights from data, and forecasting ahead for future needs 

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