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To help enterprises hire faster, Talview and SAP have partnered to integrate Talview’s industry leading and award-winning recruiting automation, video interviewing, and pre-hire assessment solutions with SAP SuccessFactors®

With this integration, SAP SuccessFactors customers will more easily screen, interview, and hire better candidates faster, including:

  • Create custom workflows to support your unique hiring process and preferred UI
  • Find the information you need to screen, interview, and evaluate candidates in either Talview or SAP solutions, with information flowing seamlessly between applications
  • Invite candidates to on-demand and device-agnostic interviews and assessments from either application with ease 
  • Schedule and host live interviews and assessments with results and candidate evaluations flowing seamlessly between Talview and SAP SuccessFactors solutions
  • Easily implement Talview within your SAP SuccessFactors instance within days

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Product Tour: Talview and SAP SuccessFactors